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NICHOLAS - Music genes run in the family - article I -

Roberto (left), Nicholas (right)
Our grandson NICHOLAS PAPADIMITRIOU looks like he has a beautiful singing voice.
I think he inherited this gene from his great-grandpa PAPADIMITRIOU (I meet him at the age of 81, on Nicholas christening and Robbie birthday, in South Africa and he sang for us, in a  soprano voice).
Nicholas has also received the singing gene from his grandfather ANTONIO CORTEZ (SILVESTRE), my husband, who sang in public and in the local radio (Emissora da Beira and Rádio Pax) in Beira, Mozambique. He was  chosen to sing, while in the army, in Lourenzo Marques (now Maputo), by the maestro António Fonseca, brother of maestro Artur Fonseca, the one that as been a compositor of Casa Portuguesa and other well known Portuguese  songs). 
Antonio Cortez Silvestre, my husband, still sings as a tenor in a Choir at a Senior's University in Sintra, and at some special events.  

As I am writing about my grandson Nicholas, I will tell you that I just received a mail from his mother, my daughter, which with pride I pass on to you: 

...." About two weeks ago at school, there was a notice in the newsletter that the music teacher would be holding auditions for children interested in taking part in “Night of the stars. Anyone with some talent could audition (singing, playing an instrument, magic tricks, dancing, ballet, etc).
Nicholas told me as he was still not too good with the guitar, so next year he would sing and play,  but this year...  he wanted to sing. I thought he was joking and he would change his mind when it was time for the audition, but he went through with it and he sang the song “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars.
Nicholas, the singer, and Roberto the soccer player
He got through to the next round. There were 21 “singers” that got through and the music teacher said she was only going to pick 10. On Monday he had to sing a different song and audition again and got through to be part of night of the stars (she landed up choosing 12 singers).
I am so proud of Nicholas. Last night he had to practice 4 songs to sing today to the music teacher and then she will decide which song she thinks he does better at, so that they can record a backing track. 
Looks like the singing gene is continuing in our family.
My daughter Luisa, says: The concert is only in November and I am sure they will have a DVD for sale. I will purchase it and try record from the DVD so that you guys (family in Portugal) can see / hear  him.

My grandson is only 11 years old. I FEEL SO PROUD OF HIM. Don't you agree? I'm sure you are proud of your family talents.
In future articles, I will write about others musical talents in our family: My husband António Cortez and my granddaughter Tânia Caratão.

Celeste Cortez

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