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"BLACK MOTHER" in the culture of Mozambique

The author reveals through the writing, a deep knowledge of Mozambique, its people, traditions, their language and dialects, folklore, their songs and dances, customs and practices in the life of the natives, the tribe, the family and in everyday life.
It is the work of one who thoroughly understands the "spirit" of the black men and women born in Mozambique, and that leads to interesting situations as the evolution of youth, the relationship with the "boss", the love intrigues, their belief in God or in their "gods".
In every page and in every chapter, this book puts us in the presence of the people of the tribe, with their traditions, their relationship with the "whites" - including military - primitive art, the meaning of the drumming drums, the marimba and traditional dances in times of joy or sadness.
The author Celeste Cortez, a member of the Academy of Arts and Letters, poet, writer, lecturer, currently Senior Professor at the University of Sintra, succeeded, with great art and ingenuity, to translate her deep knowledge of the natives, the culture of Mozambique and its evolution, in this excellent work that is "Black Mother", in which every chapter, excites us, sharpens our curiosity, because this is a live picture of a culture closely tied to Portugal,  to our language and to people with whom we co-existed, we exchanged knowledge with and were strongly bound to.
"Black Mother" is more than a romance, which contains the analytical study of the civilization of a people to whom we will be forever linked.

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